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Are you really the girl in your photos?

Yes, it’s me! I am a bit camera shy but I love the glitz and glamour of photoshoots, so I try to have new photos done 3-4 times a year. (It can get expensive, so if you’d like to help sponsor my next one, check out my wishlist!)

I also post selfies and photos from my day-to-day life on my Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr pretty regularly. I hope when we meet you’ll think I look even better in person :-)

Why do you require screening?

There are a myriad of reasons for why I require screening. Ultimately it comes down to safety. It is not sensible to expect me to be willing to meet a complete stranger in public or in private. Screening mitigates many of the risks, often life-threatening, associated with being in this line of work. It also protects you by ensuring I am not caught in a compromising position.

I understand concerns related to sending personally identifiable information (PII) - not only because I am a provider based in Washington, D.C., but also because I have my own credentials to protect as a working professional at a very high-profile company. Please know that I handle and dispose of screening information according to multiple guidelines. I have established my own set of standard operating procedures for how, when, and where I collect, access, and dispose of screening information. These procedures are based on best practices I have adapted from my workplace and working knowledge from my several GIAC certifications.

My screening standards are non-negotiable and inflexible. There is no possibility of us meeting unless you are willing to send the screening information I have requested. I totally understand that some people may not be comfortable with screening in the manner outlined on my website. If that is the case, I wish you the best in your search for another companion, and simply ask that you refrain from contacting me.

How do I know that you are real and offer what I am looking for? Do you have reviews?

I was once an active member on several review boards and quickly became one of the most highly rated companions on one of the primary US review sites. However, I soon found the entire concept of being reviewed to be distasteful and an enormously problematic liability. I instituted a “no review” policy in May 2018.

I believe our time together should not have standards imposed by outside influences, nor should our encounter be tainted by the expectations of other people. I provide a unique, luxury experience that is incomparable to what anyone else offers. Even still, much of what happens between us depends on our personal chemistry. You are a unique individual, with your own preferences and dislikes. I will be catering to you when we are together - so there is no utility in knowing what has happened in the past with anyone else. And I prefer knowing that our remarkable encounter is cherished by just the two of us, privately… we’ll have our own illicit memories to recall fondly when we are alone and impassioned.

My website, blog, social media, and pre-date correspondence should let you know enough about me to determine whether we are compatible. After screening, I am happy to provide a brief overview of the extraordinary experiences I offer- PSE, fetish, fantasy, and BDSM - for those interested in something new and different. However, I do not discuss or guarantee explicit, technical details of our private time ahead of our date. The best way to ensure you have a positive experience is by reviewing the etiquette I’ve outlined on my site.

Your profile says you see clients with disabilities. What sorts of disabilities are you willing to see?

I have seen many people with various disabilities: deafness, visual impairments, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis, to name a few. Please communicate openly with me so that I am able to prepare and accommodate your needs appropriately.

How much notice do you need for scheduling a date?

If you are someone who has a hectic schedule, I recommend pre-screening to increase the likelihood that we can meet on a whim. Please see my blog on last minute appointments for more advice! On exceedingly rare occasions, I am able to accommodate same day bookings; however, I generally ask for at least 36 hours notice for scheduling a date.

I rarely schedule multiple dates on the same day, as I strive to provide a luxury experience and spend a considerable amount of time preparing for our time together. Accordingly, my time tends to be fully committed well in advance.

What is your favorite thing to do when on a date with someone?

Like a captivating novel, the ideal dates that progress naturally through Freytag’s Pyramid : the exposition, the rise, the climax, the falling action, and the dénouement. Seduction and playful teasing are things I enjoy just as much as the experience of manifesting pleasure. The excitement, anticipation, and desire should come naturally- and even after climax, none of it should disappear; rather, the intensity of it all should remain with you. It should stir you to action from time to time.

My rate structure is deliberated skewed to favor dates 4 hours or more. I always enjoy the traditional dinner date, made extraordinary by your company. Seated across from you at the table, I may make a startlingly saucy remark, or suggestively stroke your arm. Excellent conversation is the best pairing to any dish, any cocktail, any wine is excellent conversation. It’s also the most stimulating foreplay.

If you are one who eschews the orthodoxy of dinner, my favorite dates tend to include an interesting activities. I am someone who grew up with very little, so I love when someone exposes me to new experiences. I had never been to the spa before someone took me on a spa date, and now it is a luxury I frequently indulge in. I have been introduced to most of my current hobbies and interests by recent dates - like scuba diving, hiking, and horseback riding. I’ve long hoped to learn more about art, as well as take golf, ski, and sailing lessons.

What will you wear on our date? Do you accept wardrobe requests?

My personal style is just as varied as my interests, though always tastefully sexy. I value discretion, so I am always dressed appropriately for the environment and the occasion. Rest assured, I will you will not be embarrassed to walk into any establishment with me on your arm but you can expect to be met with stares tinged with both jealousy and admiration!

I always hope to be everything you have fantasized about, so if there is a certain something you have in mind for attire then please feel free to let me know when we are planning our date.

I am new/nervous. What is the best way to prepare?

Believe it or not… if we haven’t met before, I’m also nervous!

Please remember to read this site, in its entirety, before we meet; I ask that you are especially attentive to my etiquette and rates. Once the formalities have been taken care of, it takes so much anxiety away from me so that I can focus on making you feel at ease. Don’t worry - I have no problems initiating conversation or the first move.

How do most of your clients describe you?

In terms of personality, I often hear the terms “bubbly" and “fun”. I am often surprised at how many people are surprised about the number of topics I can talk about at length. I write at least one hour every day; I read for an hour every morning and every evening… all that reading and writing makes it easy to talk about pretty much anything! In regards to my looks, I am often told that I look even better in person, or that I have a perfect physique. I go to the gym every day, with 2-3 other fitness activities sprinkled in throughout the week, so it is nice to know that hard work pays off!

What do you mean when you call yourself a “curator of luxurious and sensual experiences”?

With every date we have, you are always the first or only one to have this experience; it’s an experience that is totally tailor-made for you. During our time together, I want to make every moment really count. Personalisation to meet both individual tastes and to provide something truly unique. privacy during the experience; From the planning of a build and itinerary, and the anticipation preceding a cruise, to the on board experience and journey – and the memories that linger long after clients have returned to shore, yachting as a whole is an experience that extends beyond the time on board.

“From the perspective of a stressed out, overworked businessman who doesn’t have time to connect with family and friends throughout the year – being on a yacht, spending time together and enjoying each other’s company, is truly precious.”

“There’s a trend for the same group of people to come back year after year, simply because a yacht charter is the only time they get to see each other. It’s not a time you share with a bunch of people that you don’t know. This is something special that you share with people you really want quality time with.”

What we will share when we are together is exceptionally meaningful and significant to me because not only are you sharing the world’s most elusive, yet priceless, commodity - time - with me