"Are you available now?" - Tips on how to get that last minute appointment

With the cold weather and holiday season upon us, everyone is busier than ever. Surprise visits from family members, last minute store runs, cold and flu season, inclement weather, travel.... all of it begins to create tricky scheduling obstacles that can complicate your attempts to schedule "fun time".


Do not be misled by the ads on Pornhub. Hot and sexy girls are, in most cases, not waiting for you. Most reputable providers live full, rich lives outside of the bedroom... we're not laying in hotels and rubbing our clit all day in hopes that you'll call, email, or submit a booking form. 

But it's not entirely impossible for you to find a provider at the last hour. While the last minute appointment request is certainly not ideal, I think many ladies understand that uncertainty, especially around schedules, is just a consequence of life happening. Nonetheless, one of the reasons why the last minute appointment request has such a bad rep if because most people are royally fucking up in the way they go about it.

If you're reading this, I'm willing to bet money that you're not the, "Hi bb, R u avail?" type... you're a true gentleman who just needs (well, you never need it. You just really, really, really want it) nookie. STAT.

Here's some help on how to do it the right way, without making a bad name for yourself:

  • If you don't remember anything else from this guide, remember this: be considerate. Some things that this would entail:
    • Word your request politely, and include as much information as possible. The essentials: date, time, duration, incall/outcall, and the general location. It’s usually understandable if you don’t want to send all of your personal information until you confirm that the provider is available at the specified time/date. 
    • It's nice, but not necessary, to explain the circumstances behind your last minute request, and sometimes makes you seem less presumptuous (something like, "Hey Priya! Apologies for the last minute request, but I just had something rescheduled and now I’ll be in the Dupont Circle area for a meeting this afternoon. I saw on your website that you would be hosting nearby. Do you have time available for an 1 hour incall at 2:00pm").
    • At the same time, do not include details that could come across as rude or condescending (e.g. "The provider I really wanted to see canceled/no-showed on me! Are you available for outcall to McLean, VA area in 10 minutes?").
    • Don't send multiple last minute requests to different providers, where you'll have to "nevermind" 2 of the 3 ladies who you sent a note to in your desperate search.
    • Definitely do not send appointment requests at ungodly hours of the night/morning. Just take the L, fam. 
  • Create your personal "provider wishlist", and read their websites beforehand. If you are requesting a last minute appointment, it is extremely important not to come across as a time-waster.  The biggest indicator that someone is a time-waster?  An email asking for information that is clearly stated on the provider's website. If you've read her website, you will be familiar with general etiquette guidelines, preferred contact methods, booking protocol, and the rates for her time. There may also be valuable information about her travel schedule and incall/outcall offering (for instance, does she host from hotels or does she have a readily available private incall in a certain location of the city?).  Additionally, there are many ladies who expressly state that they do not accept requests for same day appointments- pre-screened or not. 


  • Follow providers who you are interested in seeing on Twitter. Because Twitter is so instantaneous, it's easier for ladies to post schedule updates there. I've seen ladies post about last minute cancels or schedule openings for the same day. On boards like TER or Eccie, it is harder to give updates on availability because we can only post an ad once a week.There's a time period during which we can edit the ad, but after that the updates to availability have to be done as a reply to the original thread. Preferred411 is a bit of a hassle because it requires a constant, hourly login for "available now".


  • Pre-screen! I can't emphasize the importance and convenience of pre-screening enough. Different providers have different screening standards. For some ladies, it is as simple as having an account on a review board. Other ladies will reference multiple blacklists or public criminal records. Combined with the fact that we have personal matters to tend to, multiple requests pending, and meetings already lined up? It can easily take 24 hours to 3 days for ladies without booking assistants to get through your screening. Taking the time to send your screening information in advance means that we can have the administrative part done and out the way, just in time for that cancelled meeting at work!


  • If you typically use references for screening, contact ladies who you will be using for references ahead of time. Not only is it polite, but it also means they will be ready to reply as soon as they see the message. If a lady is expecting to be away on holiday or vacation, she can give you a heads up so that you can seek out someone else to give your reference. (Bonus: send them a gift card, especially if there's a chance you'll be using them multiple times)


  • Use employment verification. Most of the time, employment verification is the best screening method to use at the last minute because it doesn't require ladies to have to wait on someone to respond to a reference request. 


  • Review her calendar before you send the appointment request. It saves you from waiting on a response from a provider who isn't even in the area. This also goes back to not asking for information that is clearly stated on the provider' s website.


  • Refrain from special requests. I don't walk around in white lingerie every day (I usually don't wear underwear at all, actually), nor do I always have it on hand. Most ladies are not lounging around in "workwear" all day and night. If you want a lady at her best, wrapped up especially for you, you have to pre-book.


  • Be extra nice! Listen, the likelihood of a girl accepting a last minute booking is pretty slim- so if she does take it, be super nice. I mean really, really, really nice. Be on your absolute best behavior and I would definitely encourage tipping. She's likely set aside the plans she had for an impromptu pleasure session with you, and for that she deserves a little extra love.


A note about using P411: Many clients seem to be under the impression that P411 is all that is necessary for screening and that an "Okay" is a substitute for a reference in and of itself. This may be true for some providers, but for most of us it is not. Be aware that even Gina, the owner of P411, often sends out messages expressly encouraging providers to do as much additional screening as they feel is necessary, to keep themselves safe. Due to the nuances of the P411 system, many ladies will still require additional measures to confirm your identity or otherwise ensure you are a safe person to see. This may include reaching out to the provider who gave you an "Okay" for a reference, which means that that we still have to wait for a response- leaving your last minute appointment at the mercy of multiple other parties! It could also include following Gina's recommendation that providers check a client's identification when they meet, to ensure the correct person is using the client ID. Otherwise, it could be a shared or compromised P411 account. 

Best of luck in your endeavor!