Exogeneously described as a "spirited sybarite", I take pride in indulging in every guilty pleasure... with no guilt in my pleasure.

I am a true southern belle, born to a Persian mother and an African-American father.

Physically, I have long hair and dark brown eyes to pair with a curvy-yet-slim hourglass physique. My measurements are a very sensual, voluptuous 34G-26-42. Though naturally shapely, I picked up several athletic hobbies as a child. My love for running, swimming, and tennis make it easy to maintain my physical aptitude.

Having been shuttled from place to place throughout my childhood, I became intensely curious about the world and the people in it. As a military brat, I spent most of my childhood just outside of Atlanta, GA- until I protested another move and ended up at an elite boarding school in Northern Virginia. From there, I moved to Washington, D.C. to complete my undergraduate studies in Biochemistry.

An accomplished academic, my current full-time work involves providing technical scientific research guidance for various humanitarian actors in international conflict zones (and subsequently helping organizations ensure that the data is properly inventoried for use in strategic program development).  My career interest is to complete a MD/MBA program and become a surgeon.

Excellent personality, wonderful disposition, beautiful face, and a killer body to boot.
— stormx12, TheEroticReview

You will likely find me the most magnetic woman to be around.

Although I am in my early twenties, I am exceptionally well-mannered, confident, and adept at hedonistic affairs. My humble upbringing and boarding school education have gifted me with a remarkable dynamism: you’ll notice that I have refined manners and an appetite for luxury, but an unpretentious demeanor. I am bubbly and very friendly, easily getting along with others and readily engaging in conversation. Through dialogue, you will discover that I am well-read, thoughtful, and articulate beyond my years. Often, I am quite anxious to reveal the breadth of my knowledge and insights on an array of topics beyond my blog or the 280 characters I am confined to on Twitter

With a wide variety of passions and hobbies (from the spectator experience and video games to fine arts and PADI diving), I am easily entertained. I love to be enthralled by adventure but, just as well, I think it is important to relax and unwind. I am in my happiest, most organic place when sitting on a spectacular beach wrapped in the arms of amazing company.   

Between the sheets, I am free spirited and open minded. I happily connect with both men and women, alone or in couples and groups. While I maintain the girl-next-door look and air about myself, I am ready to fulfill your deepest fantasies and serve as your erotic playmate. My natural demeanor lends itself to womanly submission (though I am a "switch"), but I am exploratory and love to push the boundaries of what is considered proper.

I believe we are strongly influenced by the company we keep, so my days and nights are spent enjoying unforgettable experiences with people who value living life at full throttle. My hope is that, during your time with me, you’ll abandon the formalities and rigidity of your everyday life - join me and let’s delight in the full spectrum of what the universe has to offer.

Come on... I've got something to show you.