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For the man who craves a woman for stimulating tête-à-tête, and a little more...

As a standard, I offer an unforgettable take on the classic Girlfriend Experience-  where my personality unfurls into something reminiscent of the girl you've always dreamed of having on your arm and in your bed. Southern values have been delicately imparted upon me throughout my childhood; needless to say, I know how to satisfy a partner and take great pride (as well as pleasure!) in doing so.

I consider myself a curator of the most memorable experiences, immaculately tailored to your tastes. You'll find my personality warm, inviting, and feminine. Still, I am exceptionally thoughtful, articulate, and fully expressive of my wit and intelligence. Our interactions retain the same romantic, sensual intensity over dinner as they do when we retreat into the bedroom that is to be made into the private and exclusive chamber of immoderation. My rates for these visits are detailed here.

For the man who needs an erotic accomplice...

Craving something more or feeling adventurous? That's what PSE Dates and fantasy experiences are for. I have the hedonistic proficiency of your favorite adult star and a penchant for things kinkier and raunchier. I am completely uninhibited and ethereal.

View my latest TER review detailing one of my recent PSE visits :o) You can rest assured I am armed with a loaded toy box, a closet full of racy outfits and sexy costumes, a very dirty mouth, and an exploratory spirit- all signs that things will get interesting very quickly.

These experiences are great for people who are interested in any or all of the aforementioned; if you enjoy trips to the Mediterranean isles, an additional woman (or man!) in the bedroom, groups, role play, sensual foods, water sports, or any other things, this is also for you. 

PSE experiences are a 90 minute minimum. Please view my calendar for details regarding my availability and contact me to inquire about the specific applicable rates.

For the truly libertine, eccentric man...

There is a polarity of my femininity that exists internally and has manifested in an interest in pushing erotic boundaries in a way that only a special person can appreciate. The forbidden is always permissible with me. Extensive experimentation with my deeper desires has imbued within me a specific adroitness for BDSM and fetish experiences. I self-identify as a "switch".

Though my natural demeanor lends itself to submissive roles (again, blame those Southern, Baptist church values- my paternal grandfather was a pastor!), the depths of my sexuality have also gifted me with the ability to assume the dominant role. I derive just as much pleasure from witnessing your eagerness and desperation to please as I do from seeing the feverishness that registers in your eyes as you find your place beneath me. There's something delightful and exhilarating as I whip, humiliate, and/or embarrass you in an effort to build you into the man suitable for my carnal fulfillment. Likewise, I enjoy being teased, restrained, and ordered to do your bidding so that I am no longer deprived of the privilege of fully enjoying your attention (both physical and non-physical). 

These special experiences are perfect for those who enjoy various fetishes (latex, feet, shoes, hair, and the like), worship, ball busting, chastity, impact play, tease and denial, bondage, feminization and cross dressing, torture, and objectification, among other things. 

BDSM and fetish sessions are a 90 minute minimum. Please view my calendar for details regarding my availability and contact me to inquire about the specific applicable rates.

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