The Storylines for NFL 2019-2020

The NFL is back!

Despite my Southern roots, I am not a huge fan of football because I am not very familiar with the game itself. I find myself watching football games on TV and being overwhelmed by the number of players on the field. When things get moving, I have no idea where I should look and then… *whistle blows*

Wait. What just happened? Ha!

Watching in person is just as confusing, but somehow easier and way more fun! I love going on dates to sporting events, and a great matchup makes it all the more enjoyable. I am still trying to get a basic understanding of rules and game play, so I am always wondering aloud about why the referee threw a flag on the play in hopes that my date or a neighbor might answer.

All is not lost- many hours of me watching ESPN (mostly on the treadmill) and a few in-person games have given me some familiarity with the NFL world. I think I have enough knowledge to have a legitimate opinion on a few of things around the league this year. That said, these are the storylines that I will tracking for this year’s season…

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