Have a great week! September 4 - September 7

Good morning!

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! It's the last long weekend before the summer officially ends on September 22. Did you make the most of it relaxing at home or heading out on vacation? Tell me what you were up to on Twitter.

Personally, I spent the week and weekend in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, FL. This was one of the more tame trips - I relaxed poolside and on the beach, enjoying amazing company and delicious cocktails. 


I also finished reading a book I was gifted a few months ago by a wonderful client of mine - Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. 

This reminds me of something important I've been meaning to mention - I've been getting more social lately, if you haven't noticed! You can in addition to following me on TwitterInstagram, and Spotify, you can now befriend me on Goodreads, Yelp, and Reddit

I hope you enjoy this short workweek... here are some reads that may help you make small talk in between office meetings, at the bar, or on your next date: