Have an amazing week! July 16 - July 20

Good morning!

It's Monday, again. Hopefully you had an awesome weekend. Tell me about it!

For once, I had some time to relax and catch up with some of my closest friends. On Friday morning, I woke up bright and early for a cool 6 mile run. I love using the Nike+ Running App on my Apple Watch to track my miles and pace. Later that afternoon, we went to grab street tacos at one of my favorite haunts - I'll only reveal the location if we plan a dinner date to go there.


I had a lazy Saturday, but I agreed to take a mini road trip down to Richmond, VA with a friend to see a basketball tournament there. We had so much fun watching some teams face off in the tournament, but best of all.... we went to CookOut! What In-N-Out is to California and the West Coast, Cook-Out is to North Carolina and several Southern states. It's a must visit for me if I'm in an area that has it, much like Waffle House! And yes, I went there, too! LOL

Sunday morning, I watched France win a thrilling victory in the 2018 FIFA World Cup over Croatia. This video of fans celebrating along the Champs-Élysées is absolutely amazing! 

This week should be amazing... Ava St. ClaireJessica Scott, and Lily Renee are all in town. With the right planning, three (or four, or five, or more...) is never a crowd. I'm in NYC from Thursday to Sunday with Allison Rose, as well! I hope you will enjoy yourself and make anyone, or all of us, a part of your plans for the week. 

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