My [Late] 2019 March Madness Bracket

What’s that saying?

I believe it’s… “Better late than never.”

By the time I post this… the tournament may have messed up. #MyBracketisPerfect

It was a cold and rainy day in D.C. yesterday and I’m a perfectionist, so I wasn’t able to post this until today on account of not wanting to brave the elements in search of a color printer. Talk about attention to detail.

I am feeling a little paranoid after realizing that I have the same championship matchup as I did last year - Michigan vs UNC - but I mean my bracket is just as perfect as it’s always been. I’m not inclined to seeing Duke vs. UNC yet again… I mean UNC crushed them 3 times this year, what more do you people need before you realize that this rivalry isn’t even a rivalry. #TarheelNation

Chalk vs Madness

I am a bit chalky this year. I love big names in the big games; by big names, this year, I’m talking about the players more than I’m talking about the schools. I cannot support Zion Williamson as long as he plays for Duke, but I definitely want to see him up against Tacko Fall (what a dope name! I love his story, too). Ja Morant, Grant Williams, Brandon Clarke, Jordan Poole… I am so excited to see these guys on the court putting on a show.

The ultimate letdown (for everyone else besides me)

I know everyone is betting on Zion Williamson, but it’s just not going to happen. I can’t wait to see pandemonium once 99.999977387% of brackets are busted when Duke (loses to Michigan).

Hindsight is 20/20

  • As you can see from my original bracket, my intuition told me Murray would beat Marquette, but I did research (LOL) and decided against an upset there.

  • I picked N. Mexico over Auburn because of my allegiance Alabama… ya girl is loyal, if nothing else!

  • I know looking at my original bracket, some folks are like “Abilene? REALLY?!” but that should tell you how much I dislike Calipari.

  • I always want Seton Hall to pull through and they have failed me over and over again. Next year, I will wisen up.

Who are you picking?

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