March 2019

Times have changed…

I like to run in the mornings. When the weather permits, I usually wake up at around 4:30am and hit the pavement outdoors in D.C. for my (almost) daily 8 miles. The run takes about an hour and a half on a good day and invigorates me with a healthy dose of energy that even caffeine couldn't compare to!

IMG_2066 resize.png

Right at the close of my run, I usually get to this spot in the city where the scene is just unbelievable.  It's like the perfect recurring meeting of time and circumstance - daybreak on a clear or moderately clear day when I've gotten out on my run at the perfect pace to be exactly where I need to be at just the right time. The sun is peaking through clouds and painting the sky in beautiful pastel shades of pink, blue, and purple just over the iron and stone of the Capitol building. The ground is moist, and my heart is beating fast to remind me of how strong and alive I am at that very moment. It makes it absolutely clear to me that this has all been somehow designed  - that would be the only way to explain how so many phenomena come together to create the beauty of a sunrise.

But sometimes, things change and I have to make adjustments to be able to get to the right place at the right moment. It's a new year, and the time has changed by an hour, and it all sort of throws you off a bit... SO ANNOYING.

I feel this way about so many things right now and I am sure you do, too. There's a certain frustration in things not being what, where, or when you expected. 

Here's something that has and hasn't changed: our time together will always be enjoyable, but still a novel experience. 

You know where and how to find me... but not what to expect.

Isn't that why our time together is never boring, and definitely never disappointing? 

Make some adjustments so that we can be together. I hope to see you soon!

P.S. What is it they say? "As a Man Thinketh..."

On the Horizon…

  • I updated my photo gallery late last week… and more photos will come in the next few weeks!

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Upcoming Travel

  • April 15-16 - Los Angeles, CA

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  • May 5-9 - Orlando, FL

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