Have an amazing week! July 23 - July 27

Good morning! 

I hope your week is off to a great start this morning! If not, we’re only a few hours into Monday - you can change it around at anytime. 

How was your weekend? I’d love to hear about one thing you are really happy or thankful for!

I had an amazing time in New York and kicked my weekend off a day early. LOL! On Thursday, Allison Rose and I took the Amtrak from Union Station in D.C. To Penn Station in New York City. It was her first time in Union Station! 

Whenever I go to NYC, I try to pick one area of the city to explore. This time, I spent most of my time in West Village (although we were actually staying in NoMad and popped into several other areas, like Midtown, East Village, the Financial District, and Brooklyn). We had a blast Thursday night, exploring some cheap eats. Then we headed up to Moxy Hotel’s Magic Hour rooftop bar in Times Square. It was so beautiful, with a lively crowd. We had so much fun meeting this group of girlfriends who were all 50+, looking like 20-somethings, having a Girls Night Out! Afterwards, we crashed an all white party in our brights!

rooftop photo.JPG

We were plenty hungover on Friday, but we managed to get out in the afternoon and make it to Sarabeth’s at Central Park South for brunch. I first learned of Sarabeth’s while in Dubai, where they have a location at City Walk. The food was so amazing there! Unfortunately, the Central Park South was a bit lackluster in comparison - according to the Yelp reviews, they all are.


In any event, we dashed over to a few stores in the area like Cartier and the iconic Bloomingdales. Afterwards, we went back to our hotel for a nap and then a late dinner at Fonda East Village, which is one of my favorite places to get Mexican in the city. 


For Saturday, we went to a cat cafe with Zoe Oliver! It was such a cool concept, but some of the cats were so feisty :-( One of them bit me LOL! Then we got this super cool rolled ice cream!!! Isn't it beautiful?

I had an amazing Saturday evening date with a gentleman at Nobu and we had the most insanely great time laughing over cocktails and ordering everything our appetite desired. Nobu has a stellar reputation as a place to see and be seen while enjoying great food, and I've only ever been to the Las Vegas location (although Malibu and London are the two I want to visit most!). My favorite dishes were the Black Cod with Miso, with the melt-in-your-mouth buttery effect, and Wagyu steak that is served medium rare and absolutely worthy of worship. For dessert: the Caramel Soba Bar. It is the perfect size for two to enjoy and has multiple textures that are brought together by a cohesive taste. 


Before we left Sunday, I did so more shopping before watching Allison model at her photoshoot. The photos came out so pretty- make sure you follow her on Twitter and Instagram so you can see them soon!

We were walking around East Village afterwards and stumbled into Spunto, a pizza place that literally brought tears to my eyes with its amazing thin crust pizza and every day happy hour! There were some rain showers, but we walked around in Battery Park for a while to burn off the calories. I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty, and we were going to get on a spontaneous boat cruise to get up close to it, but the ticket office had just closed! Instead, we hopped on the ferry from Pier 11 to Brooklyn and got drenched on the way over while trying to take photos on the roof… but it was SO worth it! LOL! We sat around and dried off before running back to Penn Station to head back to D.C.

5B9487C6-4FF2-4A48-8F29-FC8894D0D8FC 2.JPG

I have that much fun or more anytime I’m in NYC, which is why it’s one of my favorite places to visit! I am excited to come back again next month. But I’m also excited to be back in D.C. and make the most of this rainy week - with you!

Let’s meet!!!

In the meantime, here are a few links from around the web that I found intriguing:

P.S. I know I'm late on my Paris photo diary. I swear it will be up by Wednesday! I have so many photos to sift through!