July Playlist: That Summer Feeling

Driving around with windows rolled down, boozy popsicles, impromptu picnics in green spaces, hanging over balconies with my hair blowing, and sticking toes in the sand… Those are the sights and feels that make up the most perfect kind of summer. 

Here, I present to you the sounds. As much as I love ocean waves crashing onto the shore and racing up through the sand, good summer songs are the ones that become inextricably tied to some of your other favorite memories.

I made this playlist while thinking back on what was playing during my favorite moments over the past couple of weeks:

Listening to the bottlecap pop off a cold beer while my friends laugh over the blend of trap and salsa beats in Cardi B’s “I Like It” during July 4th.

Lounging at a rooftop pool with sunnies and posing for selfies while “Taste” by Tyga blasts over through my Beats Pill+ speaker.

Sitting at Yards Park overlooking the Potomac River at sunset while eating my go-to three scoop cone at Ice Cream Jubilee, with someone nearby playing “Summertime” by The Carters.

Drunk hugging two drunk and hot girls in the bathroom at Heist, as the club closes and the DJ mixes Bazzi’s “Beautiful”. 


Press play on this selection of songs at your next summer function, and start soundtracking your best memories. I can’t wait to hear about which ones resonate with you.