My 2018 March Madness Bracket

Submitted without commentary....

final bracket.png

Okay, that wouldn't be fun!

I am dying for another UNC vs Gonzaga rematch. The way they snatched that title from Gonzaga was nothing short of heartbreaking. But #TarheelsvsEverybody.

Honestly, I feel like UNC will win this year and do a back-to-back only to get the title stripped from them or some crazy punishment from the NCAA due to the investigation going on now. I have always wanted UNC/Roy Williams to get into a John Wooden stride but that will not happen anytime soon, so whatever. I'll take a 2 or 3 peat...

It seemed like everyone had Villanova, UNC, Arizona, and Duke in the final four... But Duke will go down in fucking flames to the hell they belong on (I am totally exaggerating my hate here LOL). I wanted to go against the grain but couldn't go too far off the mark. So I've got Arizona, Wichita, UNC, and Michigan State. 

My favorite schools

  • Of course, I love UNC above all. I like Miami, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Georgetown (duh), Kansas, Ohio State, Gonzaga, both Michigans (a sin, I know), UCLA, Seton Hall, Syracuse. Too many faces. I know, I know.

Hated on, mostly

  • I hate Kentucky (actually, just Calipari - nothing against the school) and Duke. 


  • What good is the tournament without upsets? I find this to be the hardest part of making a bracket. You know how it should go, but when the guys hit the court with all that hunger, energy, and determination...all logic goes out the window! I settled on Virginia, but I really think Kansas State could upset them. I want to see an Ohio-Gonzaga upset, but also want to see Gonzaga vs UNC again for the storyline. I hope Butler can upset Arkansas for the sake of my bracket. And man.... it would be so cool to see a 16 seed upset a number one where you almost least expect it, but I picked Kansas over Penn anyway. I thought to put Charleston over Auburn, but went with Auburn after looking at some other brackets and making an "educated guess". Who knows....

What's my method to choosing teams?

  • Honestly, I don't get to watch the games as much as I'd like. I have no idea how people stack up in terms of talent and playing style. A lot of it is aspiration: match ups I would love to see, teams I prefer, places where I've had friends play at. I want to become an orthopedic surgeon with a sports medicine focus and my dream job would be becoming a team doctor for a sports team, so there are schools that have great medical programs and great sports programs as well - I tend to cheer for them as well.

Easiest part of the bracket?

  • I have no vested interest in the East. Incidentally, most of my upsets are concentrated there. 

Hardest part of the bracket?

  • The West was easy  in the sense that UNC will win but hard because I like so many of the schools there!

Any bets?

  • I don't bet on anything but myself. So don't ask!

I'd love to know where you think I got it all wrong at... or if you're on board with me!!! Let's make a date, grab dinner and drinks, and watch a game together. If you're wondering what I'll give up to be flown out to see a game with you - just about anything. you know you'll always make out a winner when you spend time with me.