January Playlists: Back and Better

It's definitely the time of year when everyone is talking about changing themselves for the better and letting go of the dead weight (literally and figuratively).

Two playlists this month - the first, some jams to sweat to. #NewYearNewMeNewBody 

My workout regimen consists mainly of distance running 3 days a week (5-8 miles each time) and weight lifting 3 days a week. I have a Fitbit and also use the Nike+ app collection to monitor and guide me. Typically, I spend 90-120 minutes working out. Sometimes, I just get so into it that I go for the gold with an extra hour or two. Hopefully, you can see the results.

I feel great after working out, but it takes a lot to get me started. I do not drink coffee much, so working out is how I jump start my day. Morning workouts are easy on the schedule, since there's no mid-day surprise meeting to worry about and you don't have to give up happy hour. Plus, I shower after my workout - so I'm dressed and ready for the day immediately after (and glowing) instead of having to shower multiple times.

My workout playlist has to get me up, keep my body moving, and motivate me at the same time. I'm constantly switching out the songs to remain up to date and keep the "newness" factor. I favor up-tempos because there is nothing that gets you pumped and re-energized in the final stretch of a workout than the moment the beat DROPS!

The second playlist is for those days when you are trying to scheme on success. My January Mood: Respect the Process (word to Joel Embiid). 

I spend my Sunday evenings looking through my agenda to make plans, solidify my schedule, and set my goals for the week. I also spend some time writing in my journal, and doing some self care to lift my spirits. This playlist is in the background, setting the vibe so I'm feeling motivated to tackle any and everything that comes my way! I love the positive energy most of these songs give, but also I love the way many of them talk about pushing yourself to the limit. Drake and Big Sean do that better than anyone, with Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson adding some soul into the endeavor.

Hope you enjoy them!